With the best interest of the Amstaff breed in mind,temperament is our highest priority.They need to have good loving temperament.Our puppies are also socialized in a warm,loving environment before they leave for their great adventure,when they are ready after 8weeks of age and are registered at KUSA.Even thou our dogs have great potential for the show ring,we do not attend show because of time constrains in our busy life's schedule.


Our two precious amstaff dogs-Milo and Lulu started the idea.They are very confident,strong,dependable,eager to please and intelligent dogs.We have fallen inlove with this wonderful breed,and wanted to share our experience with other dog loving people.The amstaffs are an absolute joy and great privilege to own.They will do whatever it takes to,not only to please you and your family,but also keep you all save from harm.They are a very versatile and adaptable breed,with a very powerful potential that needs guidance from you.